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Ms. Wainaina is a finalist at the University of Nairobi Law School and a qualified International Mediator. She is also undertaking the Certified Professional Secretary course and has completed level one.

Wanjiru is an exceptionally dedicated researcher and writer who possesses a deep passion for various fields of study. Her primary areas of focus include digital rights, intellectual property law, international trade and investment, alternative dispute resolution, energy, climate change, democracy, and governance. She delves into these subjects with meticulous attention to detail, constantly striving to broaden her knowledge and understanding.

In addition to her intellectual pursuits, Wanjiru also has diverse interests outside of academia. During her leisure time, she enjoys engaging with political TV series such as "Designated Survivor," which allows her to explore the intricacies of governance and decision-making processes. Moreover, she finds immense joy and fulfillment in spending quality time with children.

Driven by her genuine love for nurturing young minds, Wanjiru actively co-founded the Outliers Mentorship program for kids. This initiative aims to provide guidance and support to children, helping them unlock their full potential and navigate the challenges they face. Through her involvement in this program, she strives to empower children with knowledge, skills, and confidence, contributing to their personal growth and development.

Wanjiru's diverse range of interests and her unwavering dedication to both research and the well-being of children demonstrate her multifaceted nature and her commitment to making a positive impact in various areas of life.