Levi Kariuki Munyeri

Senior Associate

Phone: 0720 152 820



  • Property Law & Conveyancing
  • Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Law & Arbitration
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Economic Crimes Defense


Levi Kariuki Munyeri is a accomplished Senior Associate and Researcher, distinguished for his extensive legal knowledge and expertise. He is the head of the Litigation & Tax Department at Kimani, Kiarie & Associates. He graduated from Kenyatta University School of Law and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Law. In 2019, he was admitted to the roll of advocates, marking the beginning of his flourishing legal career.

Levi has vast experience in tax litigation at the Tax Appeals Tribunal, the High Court of Kenya and the Court of Appeal. He is among the pioneer defence attorneys in tax criminal litigation, a contemporary field of practice in Kenya. On behalf of taxpayers, Levi has successfully engaged the Kenya Revenue Authority in several alternative dispute resolution negotiations that averted prolonged court cases. He also has expertise in writing advisory legal opinion for companies and persons on matters pertaining tax cases.

Levi's legal acumen extends to his polished skills as a defense lawyer. He actively participates in the ethics and anti-corruption courts, taking on the defense in high-profile anti-corruption cases. His ability to navigate complex legal frameworks and diligently advocate for his clients has earned him a reputation as a skilled and resourceful defense attorney.

Beyond his legal accomplishments, Levi is recognized for his exceptional negotiation skills and his expertise in arbitration. He firmly believes in the philosophy of resorting to court litigation as a last resort, aligning with the firm's commitment to expeditious justice through out-of-court settlements. Levi's dedication to finding alternative dispute resolution methods showcases his commitment to facilitating efficient and effective legal solutions for his clients.
In his free time, Levi is an avid reader of philosophy, constantly enriching his intellectual pursuits. Additionally, he actively advocates for the rights of the vulnerable in society, demonstrating his deep commitment to social justice.

With his innovative approach to the law, extensive legal expertise, and unwavering dedication to his clients and societal challenges, Levi Kariuki Munyeri emerges as an invaluable asset to the law firm, consistently invoking the law as a solution and contributing to the betterment of society.