Joshua Kimani

Lead Legal Researcher

Phone: 0795 937 324



Joshua Kimani is a highly driven Kenyan legal scholar and professional who is the Lead Legal Researcher at Kimani, Kiarie & Associates. Renowned for his exceptional dedication and enthusiasm, he has developed a strong passion for Environmental Law, complex and strategic litigation, conveyancing, property transactions, and alternative dispute resolution.

Having excelled as a Legal Researcher at Kimani, Kiarie & Associates Advocates, Joshua has been exposed to a diverse range of legal disciplines, acquiring a well-rounded training that positions him as a rising force in the legal profession. His experiences at the firm have provided him with valuable insights into various aspects of the law, allowing him to develop a comprehensive skill set.

Joshua’s commitment to professional growth is evident through his association with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, where he has recently obtained accreditation as an Associate. His training in arbitration under the CiArb Kenya Branch has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively engage in alternative dispute resolution processes.As a legal scholar at the University of Embu’s School of Law, Joshua actively engaged in rigorous legal research, moot court competitions, and in-depth case studies. These activities not only enhanced his knowledge of legal principles but also honed his critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Joshua’s strong analytical skills, coupled with his proficiency in legal writing and drafting, enable him to articulate complex legal concepts with precision and clarity.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Joshua demonstrates a strong commitment to community service and leadership. Joshua is a UNEP Faith for Earth Youth Council Member, The Ecology Coordinator of the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth and also holds the position of Secretary General & Head of Partneships of the Orthodox Christian Youth Association of Kenya, where he actively participates in youth empowerment initiatives. Furthermore, his involvement as the Head of the Partnerships Committee of the Kenya Model United Nations reflects his passion for diplomacy, international relations, and global issues.With a formidable academic background, practical experience in the legal field, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Joshua Kimani is poised to become a highly influential legal professional in Kenya. His passion for justice, dedication to continuous learning, and active involvement in community and youth programs position him as a dynamic and promising legal advocate, ready to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the legal field in Kenya.